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represnet the organzed aspects of human social existence that are established and reinforced over time by the various norms and values of a particular group or society.
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represnet the organzed aspects of human social existence that are established and reinforced over time by the various norms and values of a particular group or society.
the requirement that marriage must occur outside a group.
the requirement that marriage occur within a group.
a union between people that unites partners sexually, socially, and economically; that is relatively consistent over time, and that accords each member certain agreed-upon rights.
involves one person married to another person of the other sex.
Serial monogamy
Indivivuals may marry as many times as they like as long as each prior marriage was ended by death or divorce.
a broad category that generally refers to one person of one sex married to several people of the othr sex.
One male has two or more wives.
one female has two or more husbands.
Also know as group marriage; in hich al lthe women and ment in a group are simultaneously married to one another.
any relatively stable group of people bound by ties of blood, marriage, adoption; or by any sexually expressive relationship; or who simply live together, and who are committed to and provide each other with economic and emotional support.
Family of orientation
the family into which a person is born and raised.
Family of precreation
when we marry, or have an intimate realtionship with someone, or have children, we create what sciologists call.
Nuclear family
consisting of a mother, father, and siblings.
extended familiy
multigenerational; consisting one or both of our parents, our siblings, if any, and other relatives, including grandparents.
Modified extended family
a variety of relatives live, not necessarily in the same household but in very close proximity to one another, interact on a frequent basis, and provide emotional and economic support for one another.
Patriarchal family
a family in which the male is the head of the family and exercises authority and decision-making power over his wife and children.
cultural guidelines or rules of conduct that direct people to behave in particular ways
social structure
refers to the recurrent, patterned ways that people relate to one another.
a position in a group or society
a set of behaviors associated with a particular status.
a lifetime of social interaction through which people learn those elements of culture that are essential for effective participation in social life.
a false, fictitious, imaginary, or exaggerated belief about someone or something.
Institutional racism
the systematic discrimination against a racial group by the institutions within society.
people who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption, or who consider on another family.
whereby kinsip or family lineage (descent) ad inheritance come through the father and his blood relatives.
kinship or family lineage (descent) and inheritance come throuh the mother and her blood relatives.
define as all persons who occupy a housing unit, such as a house, apartment, single room, or other space intended to b livingquarters.
Sociological imagination
to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within our society.

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