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applied psychology
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The branch of psychology concerned with everyday, practical problems
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applied psychology
The branch of psychology concerned with everyday, practical problems
any observable response/activity by an organism
A theoretical orientation based on the premise that scientific psychology should study only observable behavior
clinical psychology
a branch of psychology that studies, assesses, and treats people with psychological disorders.
mental processes involved in acquiring knowledge
critical thinking
involves using knowledge and thinking skills to evaluate evidence and explanations
the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization
medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
tendency to believe that one's own group is the standard, the reference point by which other people and groups should be judged
evolutionary psychology
the study of the evolution of behavior and the mind, using principles of natural selection
based on belief that psychology should investigate the function or purpose of consciousness rather than it's structure
theoretical orientation that emphasizes the unique qualities of humans such as their freedom and their potential for personal growth
self-observation of one's own conscious experience
natural selection
a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
positive psychology
The scientific study of optimal human functioning; aims to discover and promote conditions that enable individuals and communities to thrive
the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
psychoanalytic theory
attempts to explain personality, motivation, and mental disorders by focusing on unconscious determinants of behavior
the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
based on notion that the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into it's basic elements and investigate ho they are related
well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations
contains thoughts, memories, and desires that are well below the surface of conscious awareness but that nonetheless exert great influence on behavior

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