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the spreading of particles in a gas or solution with a movement toward uniform distribution particles
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the spreading of particles in a gas or solution with a movement toward uniform distribution particles
facilitated diffusion
passive transport used by certain molecules other simple sugars too large to pass through plasma pores
active transport
membrane transport processes for which ATP is provided
diffusion of a solvent through a membrane from a dilute solution into a more concentrated one
hypotonic solution
a solution that is more dilute than the reference cell
hypertonic solution
a solution that has a higher concentration of non-penetrating solutes than the reference cell; having greater osmotic pressure than the reference solution
isotonic solution
a solution with a concentration of non-penetrating solutes equal to that found in the reference cell
DNA replication
a process that occurs before cell division; ensures that all daughter cells have identical genes
a tumor
neoplasms that spread and lead to death
the spread of cancer from one body part to another
one of the biological units of heredity located in chromatin; transmits hereditary information
fluid mosaic model
depicts plasma membrane as an exceedingly thin structure composed of a double layer of lipid molecules dispersed in it .
an uncharged non polar tail that is made of 2 fatty acid chains
tight junctions
a series of intergal proteins that fuse together to prevent molecules from passing thru the extracellular space between adjacent cells.
mechanical couplings scattered like rivets along the sides of abutting cells that prevent separation
gap junction
is a communication junction between adjacent cells.
carrier protein
is a transmembrane integral protein that shows specificity for molecules of certain substances that are too large to pass through membrane channels
water specific channels constructed by transmembrane proteins

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