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rules of conduct promulgated and enforced by the government
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rules of conduct promulgated and enforced by the government
separation of powers
the division of governmental power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches
a system of government in which the authority to govern is split between a single, nationwide central government and several regional governments that control specific geographical areas
bill of rights
the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution
power of judicial review
a court's power to review statutes to decide if they conform to the federal or state constitution
a law enacted by the state legislature or by Congress
administrative law
rules and regulations created by administrative agencies
a law promulgated by an administrative agency
enabling act
a statute establishing and setting out the powers of an administrative agency
common law
law created by the courts
stare decisis
the doctrine stating that normally once a court has decided one way on a particular issue, it and other courts in the same jurisdiction will decide the same way on that issue in future cases given similar facts unless they can be convinced of the need for change
codification of the common law
the process of legislative enactment of areas of the law previously governed solely by the common law
derogation of the common law
used to describe legislation that changes the common law
fairness; a court's power to do justice. allow judges to take action when otherwise the law would limit their decisions to monetary awards. include judge's ability to issue an injunction and to order specific performance
a court order requiring a party to perform a specific act or to cease doing a specific act
specific performance
a requirement that a party fulfill his or her contractual obligations

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