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very bad or unpleasant: a nasty accident
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very bad or unpleasant: a nasty accident
a period of time when people stay awake, especially at night, in order to watch a sick person, say prayers, protest, etc.: His parents kept a round-the-clock vigil at his bedside.
the feeling of wanting to be in the same situation as sb else; the feeling of wanting sth that sb else has: He couldn't conceal his envy of me.
to say or do sth that offends sb: I have never been so insulted in my life! She felt insulted by the low offer. ■ noun / ˈɪnsʌlt/ insult (to sb/sth) a remark or an action that is said or done in order to offend sb: The crowd were shouting insults at the police.
that is a basic or permanent part of sb/sth and that cannot be removed SYN intrinsic: the difficulties inherent in a study of this type
not able to do sth: incapable of speech The children seem to be totally incapable of working by themselves. 2. not able to control yourself or your affairs; not able to do anything well
having the ability or qualities necessary for doing sth: He's quite capable of lying to get out of trouble.

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