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occurs when the insertion point automatically advances to the next line.
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occurs when the insertion point automatically advances to the next line.
Red wavy line
Indicates a possible misspelled word
Smart tags
Purple dotted lines beneath names, addresses, phone numbers, dates and times.
Green wavy line
Indicates a possible grammatical error
Ctrl + Home
Moves the cursor to the beginning of document
Ctrl + End
Moves the cursor to the end of document
Allows the user to set stopping points on the typing line. By default moves .5" on a line each times depressed.
Inside Address
Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code of the person receiving the letter
The greeting of a letter
Paragraphs of a letter
Part of the letter that follows the body, also includes the writers name and title.
Reference initials
Located at the end of the letter representing the typist/writer of the letter.
Full Block Style Letter
Letter format where all parts begin flushed to the left
Closed Punctuation
Letters with a colon and comma after the salutation and closing line respectively
Print Preview
Tool used to see what the printed copy will look like prior to printing
The layout of a document
Date line
The first typed line of a business letter. (i.e. November 1, 2009)
Dear Mr. Thompson
Complimentary Close
Patricia Woods, Teacher
Writer's name and title
Reference initials
Formatting Toolbar
Contains buttons which will allow one to change the way things appear within a document. (i.e. alignment, spacing, font, font style, color, size, etc.)
Proofreaders's marks
Symbols used to indicate what revisions need to be made
Insert Mode
A default feature where existing text moves to the right as new text is keyed
Overtype Mode
A feature where existing text is replaced as new text is keyed
A feature which allows one to insert hidden notes or annotations that may be read onscreen
Formatting mark for tab
An arrow pointing to the right
Formatting mark for space
A dot
Proofreaders' mark for do not change
Enclosure notation
Indicates that something is included in the envelope aside from the letter
Attachment notation
Indicates that something is stapled or clipped to the letter
Delivery Address
Part of the envelope that is the same as the inside address in the letter
Return Address
Part of the envelope that is the address of the sender
Your Own Initials
Center Align
Lines with equal space on both sides of the text
Left Align
All lines appear even on the left side
Right Align
All lines appear even on the right side
All lines appear even on both the left and right side
Proofreaders' mark for center
Vertical Aligned
Text on the page has equal amounts of space at the top and bottom of the page
Continuous Underline
Word and spaces between them are underlined
Non-Continuous Underline
Only words are underlined, not the spaces
Default Font
Times New Roman
Default Font size
12 poins
Another name for font
typeface with lines, curves, or edges extending from the ends of the letter
Sans Serif
Straight edged typeface
Typeface that looks like handwriting
An example of an ornamental font
Characters that print above the writing line
Characters that prints below the writing line
Format Painter
A feature allows you to copy font face, style and size from one block of text to another
A dot or symbol used to highlight points of information or a list
Modified Block Style Letter
A type of letter format where the date, signature and closing are aligned and placed at 3.5 or 4 inches from the left margin

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