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Temporary adjustment to the margins
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Temporary adjustment to the margins
Left Indent
Temporary adjustment to the left margin
Right Indent
Temporary adjustment to the right margin
First Line Indent
An adjustment to the first line of each paragraph that occurs automatically when one presses the enter key
Proofreaders' mark for left indent
Proofreaders' mark for right indent
Ctrl + 2
Shortcut key for double spacing
Ctrl +1
Shortcut key for single spacing
Default linespacing
Paragraph spacing
Feature which allows you to insert additional space between paragraphs, heading, or subheadings
Precise linespacing measured in points
Blank areas at each edge of a page
1.25 inch
Default left and right margins
1 inch
default top and bottom margins
12 pt. leading
Equal to single spacing
Hanging Indent
Created when all lines in a paragraph are indented except the first line
Identifies sources used, quoted or paraphrased within a document
Cut and Paste
Procedure that moves a block of text, sentence, or paragraph to another location in a document
Temporary memory within the computer. Cut text is placed here temporarily
Drag and Drop
Method of moving text with your mouse by selecting it and dragging it to a new location
Copy and Paste
Procedure that leaves text in its original location while placing a duplicate in a different location in the same document or another document
Title Case
When the first letter of each word is capitalized. Also called Initial Caps
Change Case
Feature that allows one to change the case of letters without retyping them
Tabular Column
Created when text is entered at a tab stop and forms a column of data
A dot or symbol that leads the reader's eye from one location on the page to another
Decimal Tab
Moves text before the decimal point to the left of the tab setting. Text entered after the decimal moves to the right of the tab.
Right Tab
Moves text to the left from the tab setting as you enter text
Left Tab
Default tab
A collection of formats that you can apply to selected text. This may be done in one step
Written communication used within a company
Part of the memo heading which means "in reference to" or "subject"
A document that contains formatting, pictures, or text that may be reused to create new documents
A document that lists your personal experience, skills and abilities. Used to gain employment
Document used to organize information in a hierarchial structure before writing a report or delivering a speech. It is composed of levels and sublevels
Used in an outline to hide body text and subheadings under the headings
Displays all levels of text in an outline
Feature in Word which lists the synonyms, sometimes the antonymns, and the part of speech of the looked up word
Feature used to break up words at the end of a line to produce a tighter right margin
Find and Replace
Feature in Word which scans your document and searches for occurrences of specified text, symbols, or formatting and replaces them with other specified text.

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