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infrastructure (INFRA beneath + STRUCT build)
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the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)
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infrastructure (INFRA beneath + STRUCT build)
the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)
paradox (PARA beside + DOX opinion)
an opinion that seems to be true but is actually false, and vice versa
intermediary (INTER between + MEDI middle)
one who finds an agreement between two groups
diameter (DIA across + METER measure)
the measurement across an object, passing through the center
extraneous (EXTRA over or beyound)
something unneeded; excess materials
ingenuous (IN in + GEN birth or origin)
innocent or naïve; in a birth-like state
ingenius (IN in + GEN birth or origin)
highly original; creatively brilliant; in a state where the mind gives birth to original thoughts or ideas
heterogeneous (HETERO different + GEN birth)
a grouping containing people of different backgrounds and origins
homogeneous (HOMO same + GEN birth)
a grouping containing people of similar backgrounds and origins
prenatal (PRE before + NAT birth or born)
before birth
bibliophile (BIBLIO book + PHILE love)
one who loves reading books
psychosomatic (PSYCHO mind + SOM body)
when the mind imagines that something is wrong with the body (but in truth nothing is physically wrong)
melancholy (MELA black)
sadness and/or depression (we associate the color black with extreme sadness or despair)
rupture (RUPT break)
a breaking apart or tearing
conspire (CON together + SPIR breathe)
to join a common agreement, often in secret
pedicure (PED foot + CUR care for)
care for the feet, toes, and nails
curator (CUR care for)
one who has the care and superintendence of something
inference (IN in + FER carry)
drawing a conclusion from facts or premises (one "carries" an idea away from a series of observations)
deference (DE down + FER carry)
yielding to another's argument or wishes ("I'll put down my idea and go with yours.")
eccentric (EX/EC out + CENTRI center)
odd or abnormal; away from what is consider normal, which is considered "in the center"
egocentric (EGO self + CENTRI center)
self-centered; to think the world revolves around you
mutable (MUTA change + ABLE)
immutable (IM not + MUTA change + ABLE)
not able to be changed
exorbitant (EX out + ORB circle)
out of this world--or far from what all reason would suggest is right
uncivilized (UN not + CIV citizen)
not civilized; behaving in a rude, unsophisticated manner

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