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critical thinking
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involves using knowledge and thinking skills to evaluate evidence and explanations
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critical thinking
involves using knowledge and thinking skills to evaluate evidence and explanations
the measurement of effectiveness of nursing care
the giving of actual care giving
Nursing assessment
the systematic in continuous of collection of data
Nursing care plan
incorporate nursing Diagnosis, Critical Pathway information and physician ordered & nursing ordered care
Nursing diagnosis
Client's Actual of Potential Problems
Nursing Process
assessing, analyzing, planning, implementing, evaluation
The development of goals for care and possible activities to meet them
By Following the Logical Progression of Steps to Identify the Clients Needs.
Scientific problem solving
Allow the researchers to discover the best possible safe and effective treatments for disease of dysfunction.
Shortened goal
Are measurable outcomes that can be acheived in hours, days, or weeks depending on the individual's problem
scientific -problem Solving
finding a solution to a problem
Long term goals
Take the shortened goals into consideration but also provide guidance for the days weeks or months durring or after the time a client is seen by a doctor
Nursing Care Plan
Unlicensed Assisted Personnel
Key Concept =The nursing process
is scientific, systematic, client-oriented, goal-oriented, continuous, and dynamic. The nursing process consists of the following steps: * Nursing assessment * Nursing diagnosis * Planning * Implementation * Evaluation The steps may overlap, change, repeat themselves, or happen all at once.
Which of the following is a characteristic of the nursing process?
The client is the central focus of the process.
1. Which part of the nursing process includes the statement of the client's actual or potential problem?
Nursing diagnosis
The nursing process is Goals, objectives, or expected outcomes are established as an early part of the nursing process.
Implementation of the nursing process involves
Giving actual nursing care
. Which skill does the nurse use to determine the meaning of multiple cues when assessing clients?
Critical thinking
The primary reason for nurses to use nursing care plans is to
Ensure consistency of care among all nursing staff
The Nursing Process is Continuous.
Because the life and health of individuals change, reassessment of the client's needs is done frequently, sometimes hourly (or more frequently in critical care settings
prioritization; prioritizing
The nurse follows specific, orderly, and logical steps based on the client's most important and often most vital needs
Trial and Error Problem-Solving
Is an Experimental Approach that Tests Ideas to Decide which Methods Work and Which do not, Usually the results are completely unknown until tried because the experimenter simply does not have enough information to anticipate results.
Scientific problem solving is an experimental approach to problem -solving
false. involves Precise method to investigate problems
trial and error enables a person to grasp the meaning of multiple clues and find quick answers to difficult problems.
false. test ideas to decide which methods work and which do not.
as a critical thinker, you become an open minded person, flexible to alternatives.
true (open minded)
as a nurse, you use the trial and error emthod to care for your clients.
false. as a nurse you use the nursing process to care for your clients.
the nursing process focuses on performing specific skills or tasks.
false. Throughout the nursing process the nurse focuses on meeting individualized clients needs.
The nursing care plans are a set of guide lines that ensure consistency among all nursing staff
true (care plan)
clients having the same medical problem will follow the same nursing plan?
false . clients having the same medial problem may Not follow the same nursing plan because each client has special considerations.
trial and error
experimental approach to problem -solving
scientific problem solving
Experimental approach to problem -solving.
critical thinking
Mix of Inquiry of knowledge , intuition , logic , experience, and common sense.
A nurse is assigned to asses the condition of a client with hypertension , Which of the following steps for the nursing process should the nurse perform before she develops goals for care and possible activities to meet them?
when caring for a client with pneumonia , a nurse follows the nursing care plan ; however , the client is no progressing according to the plan which of the following is the most appropriate nursing intervention in this situation
reassess, reevaluate and revise the nursing care plan
the nurse needs to obtain the client's medical history which step in the nursing process?
nursing assessment
A nurse develops nursing care plans for tow clients diagnosed with diabetes. one client has history of hypertension which is the single most appropriate reason for the nurse to prepare two different nursing care plans?
The nursing care plan should be client oriented
a client has been brought to the emergency room . using the nursing process the nurse , has to perform an interview, while evaluating its effect and at the same time assesing another factor and planning priorities of what to do next this method of funtioning indicates which aspect of the nursing process?
its dynamic in nature
When caring for a client the nurse analyzes the client's responses
evaluation . the evaluation of the nursing process is similar to the arriving to a conclusion after interpreting the results scientific problem solving

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