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colonial period
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jamestown to french vs. indian war
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colonial period
jamestown to french vs. indian war
first permenent english settlement
mayflower compact
plymouth colony's govt, written out
plymouth colony
formed english settlers, cape cod
massachutesets bay colony
caused by great migration
george and cecil calvert
refuge english catholics; maryland
connecticut colony
self governing;thomas hooker; more freedom
roger williams
gov. providence colony, extreme religous
pequot war
war mbc vs. pequot indians, muder accusation
new amsterdam
dutch settlement; capital
new jersey colony
english territory, aristocrat
carolina colony
english settlement, church of england
king philip's war
english vs. indians, treaty signed, king philip killed
bacon's rebellion
attack on indians no permission; burned jamestown to ground
william penn
founded pennslyvania
delware colony
early dutch settlment, org. owned by w.penn
james oglethorpe
military buffer
salem witchcraft trials
19+ died, govt. ended trials early, widespread, ma bay colony
great awakening
widespread revival of religion
stono rebellion
slave rebellion; sc
salutary neglect
unwritten rules on colony's by british govt. to avoid strict enforcement
revolutionary era
led to independance; revolutionary war
french and indian war
english won showed power of british power
stamp act
used to help pay for the french indian war; many colonys opposed.
boston masscre
5 deaths caused by brawls;
boston tea party
protest of tea act
intolerable (coereive) acts
punishment for boston tea party
first continental congress
came together response to intolerable acts; secret
second continental congress
helped organize rev war, all summer; marine corps and dec. of ind. came from this
thomas paine/ common sense
attacked the ruling of monarchy
declaration of independence
declared 13 colonies free from GB
General George Washington
continental army general
critical period
unstable govt, ended w/ constitution
articles of conferderation
legalized status quo
annapolis convention of 1786
promoted commerce and economy
shay's rebellion
farmers rebel; no pay for rev. war
constitutional convention of 1787
revive articles of confederation
federalist papers
advocated ratification of constitution
federalist era
established new govt. growth
president george washington
1st president;served 2 tems
president john adams
alien and sedition acts; 2nd president
bill of rights
first 10 ammendments of constitution
xyz affairs
quasi-war; treaty w/ unrealistic demands
alien and sedition acts
restricted rights of groups of people; 4 laws. ky& va made restrictions against
virgina and kentucky resolutions
opposition to alien and sedition acts
republican revolution
corrupt bargain of 1824; Thomas Jefferson
president thomas jefferson
lousianna purchase; lewis and clark. 3rd president
madbury vs. madison
caused judicial review
john marshall
judiciary branch established
lewis and clark
explored unknown land out west
louisianna purchase
doubled us terretory; 15 million
embargo act
no us ships could leave
fulton's steamboat
first successful steam boat. nyc to albany
president james madison
war of 1812; embargo act
forced military involvment; (early draft)
war of 1812
impressment, treaty of ghent=peace; america vs. GB
british burn washington DC
us invasion of York, Canada. cause signing of ghent
Battle of Fort McHenry
not very successful on either side
treaty of ghent
ended war of 1812
Hartford Convention
protest of war 1812; new england federalist
battle of new orleans
final battle of war 1812
clay's american system
tariff of 1816; was to help rebuild american economy;national bank
Antebellum period
pre-civil war; industry immigrants
president james monroe
missouri, compromise of 1820, monroe doctrine;5th pres.
Rush-Bagot Agreement
got rid of military in Great lakes and champlain
erie canal
cut transport costs 95%;pop. surge in ny
era of good feelings
post war 1812, more business/stronger military
missouri compromise
missouri= admitted as slave state
monroe doctrine
europe can't interfere w/ america
lowell system
new system for manufacturing textiles
Charles Grandison Finney
most famous preacher of 2nd great awakening
Second Great Awakening
religious revival; methodists & baptists
corrupt bargain of 1824
deal between adams and clay
jacksonian democracy
west lifted voting requirements
president john quincy adams
corrupt bargain of 1824; 6th president
president andrew jackson
peggy eaton affair, 7th president
nat turner's rebellion
slave rebellion, new laws; va
trail of tears
forced move of indians
peggy eaton affair
affair w/ secretary of war
texas war for independence
mexico vs. texans; tx rebelled
president martin van buren
panic of 1837; 8th president
amistad case
rebellious slaves, illegal trasport
president william henry harrison
died of stupid (pneumonia) was in office less than a month
president john tyler
annexation of texas; 10th pres.
president james k. polk
mexican war, annexation of texas; 11th pres.
seneca falls convention
womans right convention
wilmot proviso
succession and civil war, 0 slavary in mexico
mexican-american war
mexico didn't reconize tx as part of us
spot resolutions
lincoln challenged polk, not very successful
california gold rush
sutters mill, millions immigrate to ca for 'fortune'
mexican cession
treaty of guadalupe hidalgo, ended mexican american war
president zachary taylor
compromise of 1850; 12th pres.
compromise of 1850
no slave trade in dc, fugitive slave law, ca=free; nm= slavery
fugitive slave law
president milllard fillmore
compromise of 1850;japan trade, 13th pres.
president franklin pierce
kansas-nebraska act;14th president
uncle tom's cabin
anti-slavery; led to civil war, harriet beecher stowe
bleeding kansas
anti slavery v. slavery; led to civil
dred scott vs. sanford
blacks not citzens
president james buchanon
slavery+ kansas; panic of 1857; 15 pres.
translatlantic telegraph
increased communication
commodore matthew perry
opened trade w/ japan
shakers/mother ann lee stanley
religious alot; against sex so adopted people into community
cult of domesticity
perfection of women
horace mann/public education
single school system, diffrent levels
mormon church
purity, was widespread but faltered
transcendentalism (emerson and thoreau)
self-reliance individualism
lincoln-douglas debate
slavery, douglas won senate seat
john borwn's raid on harpers ferry
anti-slavery; panic in south
civil war
north vs. south; slaves freed
president abraham lincoln
abolished slavery; 16th pres
black reconstruction
helped protect former slaves, readmittence of south
fort sumter
began civil war
the conferdate states of americA
11 southern states that suceeded
lincoln's proclamation of amnesty and reconstructon
accepted emancipation=union acceptance
president andrew johnson
violated tenure of office act; 17th president
president ulysses s. grant
panic of 1873, 0 alleviation; 18th pres.
president rutherford b. hayes
removed federal troops (compromise of 1877) 19th president
wade-davis bill
admittance to the union next to impossible
freedmen's bureau
lincoln aided slaves and ex slaves
13th amendment
abolished slavery
14th amendment
equal protection to all
15th amendment
all citzens vote
jim crow laws
seperate but equal (in south anti-black laws)
ku klux klan
secret white supremacy organization
compromise of 1877
rise of republicans, remove troops
gilded age
shiny outside..rotten inside
president james garfield
patronage in appointing power; 20th pres.
president chester a. arthur
votoed chinese ex. act, civil service commission; 21st pres.
president grover cleveland
indian land take, railroads increase;22nd
president benjamin harrison
sherman anti-trust act; 23
president grover cleaveland
income tax, lower tarriff, 24th
president william mckinley
spanish american war
booker t. washington
ex-slave, educatior, AA spokesmen
W.E.B. Dubois
aa civil rights, zero racisim
plessy vs. ferguson
seperate but equal
bureau of indian affairs
management of indian land/education
wounded knee massacre
sioux indians vs. us troops while trying to re-locate
bessemer process
mass production steel
transatlantic cable
eased communication between us and europe
transcontinental railroad
first ever rail road
standard oil
first mulination corporation
sherman anti trust act
limited monopolies
us steel corporation
produced most of us steel (67%)
chinese exclusion act
excluded chinese immigrants
american federation of labor
first union
haymarket square riot
bomb haymarket square; killed police
homstead strike
iron and steel workers in pennslyvania
pullman strike
money and production go down
populist party
free coinage silver, income tax, railroads


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