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all living things
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all living things
Examples of Organisms
A tree, a cow, a turtle, a plant, a fish, a spider and even you
a change that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment
Physical Adaptations
changes or differences in the way a plant or animal is made that help it survive
Example of Physical Adaptation
Webbed feet of a duck
Behavioral Adaptations
changes in an animal's behavior that help it survive
Example of Behavioral Adaptation
A wolf spider hunting at night
when an animal's body parts or coloring makes it blend into its surroundings
Example of Camouflage
A chamelian changing colors to match the leaves
an animal's body parts or coloring make it LOOK LIKE another more dangerous animal
Example of Mimicry
A king snake that looks like a poisonous coral snake
move to a more favorable environment
Example of Migration
When birds fly south for the winter
finding a safe place to sleep during the long winter days
Example of Hibernation
A bear going into a cave at the beginning of winter
Learned Behavior
behavior that has to be taught to an animal
Example of Learned Behavior
Teaching a dog to sit

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