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interaction between humans and environment
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Theme 1
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interaction between humans and environment
Theme 1
Development and interaction of cultures
Theme 2
State-building, expansion, and conflict
Theme 3
Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems
Theme 4
Development and transformation of social structures
Theme 5
Homo sapiens
Human development name 2.5 mil. BCE
Homo erectus (standing by this point)
Human development name 1.25 mil. BCE
Homo sapiens sapiens
Human development name 150,000 BCE
skull enlargement
What was the major factor that determined the evolution in humans?
What -ithic era was known as the "Hunter-Gatherer" era?
9,000 BCE
Around what time does the Paleolithic era dominate?
egalitarian society
What is a society called when all roles are equally as important?
Were work days long or short for the Paleolithic era?
True or false, paleolithic nomadic groups traveled everywhere?
foraging and gathering
What was the primary source of food during the Paleolithic era?
Humans began to branch out once what period ends?
10,000 to 8,000 BCE
Around what time did the Neolithic Revolution dominate?
Agricultural Revolution (AR)
What did the the Neolithic Revolution center on?
True or False, humans were increasingly nomadic during the Neolithic Revolution?
plants and animals
Rivers provided nutrients for the soil enabling humans to domesticate what?
wheat and barley
What were the first crops domesticated in the Neolithic era?
dogs and pigs
What were the first animals domesticated in the Neolithic era?

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