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Sir Walter Raleigh
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One of the first English explorers to attempt to make an English Settlement in the new world. tried 2x and named Virginia after Queen Elizabeth I
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Sir Walter Raleigh
One of the first English explorers to attempt to make an English Settlement in the new world. tried 2x and named Virginia after Queen Elizabeth I
A law that stated only the eldist son inherited an estate
Joint-Stock Companies
allowed several people to pool their money to pay for an indevor and share the risks and profits. had to have the approval of monarch
Charter (colonial)
Said that the settlers had the same rights as the people of England, that overseas you were an extension of England
1st permanent English colony in the new world
John Smith
former soldier who have colonies much needed leadership, "he who doesn't work, doesn't eat"
John Rolfe
Married Pocahontas to seal a peace treaty that ended the 1st Anglo -Powhatan war. Started the growing of tobacco
House of Burgesses
form of self-gov for colonists based on English gov. chose delegates to advise the governor
Puritans (and Separatists)
followed calvin, wanted to purify the church of Enland and when they couldn't some left the church (separated) and went to the new world
Puritans that went to the new world and settled in Plymoth Bay so they could make a "city on a hill"
Mayflower Compact
Pilgrims didn't have the king's o.k. to establish a gov, they drew up an agreement that established 1st standard for written laws
William Bradford
elected gov of plymouth colony and was largely responsible for colony's success
Massachusettes Bay Colony
Plymouth merged w/ it, they wanted to be a harmonious community of ppl who agreed to work together
Great Migration
in 1640's, 16000-20000 settlers came to the new wold b/c of turmoil in Britain
General Court
aka shareholders- elected governor and his assistants, male church members had the right to vote an hold office and it had term limit 2yrs
John Winthrop
1st governor of Massachusettes Bay colony, was a lawyer who believed he was called by God to lead new experiment- goal: build holy society
Visible saints
those able to submit proof of extrordinary experience that indicated intimate contact w/ God
Protestant Work Ethic
committed to working hard & developing community in material & spiritual ways
Roger Williams
radical separatist - said to buy the land from natives and have voluntary tithes. was banished for radical ideas, then started a more liberal colony
Anne Hutchinson
dissenter from Massachusettes, believed in antinomianism and was kicked out for her views
Idea that if saved you don't need to follow laws of God or man
Thomas Hooker
rev. founded Hartford and helped draft the Fundamental Orders of Conneticut
Fundamental Orders of Conneticut
Consitution for settlement that didn't reference the king, democratic control and no voting limits
Pequot War
English and Pequot indians fought and in the end it slowed down western movement
Metacom (aka King Philip)
led Pequot indians against the English, killed many but was finally captured and killed
Dominion of New England
tried to help colonial defese and bring it under tighter royal control, ended during Glorious Revolution and helped colonists separate more from england
"Religious society of friends" preached spirituallity rooted in personal relationship w/ God, no clergy or anything and refused to pay support to church of England, believed to communitcate directly to God
William Penn
inherited Pennslyvania & established refuge for quakers, was liberal and tolerant
Lord Baltimore
founded maryland, refuge for Catholics was the first colony owned by an individual, agreed to the act of toleration
Act of Toleration
Graned freedom of religion to anyone who believed in Jesus in Maryland
Nathanial Bacon
member of gov's council and planter, wanted to lead army agains Indians, civil war ensued
Slave Codes
results of important court cases designed to control the slave pop
belief that God governs the world and each moment through hew will and that all events occur as part of His plan
Half-Way Covenant
allowed for new members that were converted but they couldnt have full communion rights and kids of members could be members even if they weren't baptized
Salem Witch Trials
b/c of half-way covenant, purity of the church was questioned and people were accused of being a witch
The Enlightenment
observation and reason begain to supplant revelation, reliance on tradition or traditional authority
John Locke
Blank slate theory, english philosipher
God is the great clock winder, created the universe and stood back and watched what happened
Benjamin Franklin
believed in deism, owned printing press, opened library, made scientific discoveries. was a politian. did everything
Jonathan Edwards
preacher, became greatest theorist of relativism, preached of New England revival by the pastors in their own congregation
George Whitefield
preacher w/ charisma and flair, converted many, 1st "televangalist"
Fort Duquesne
a french fort where 1st battle of French and Indian war took place, attack led by george washington
Albany Plan of Union
Plan made a intercolonial congress where started developing a force of defense and taxes to pay for it within the colonies
Paris Peace Settlement of 1763
said that the French no longer had control over any part of north america except 2 small islands after the french and indian war
Proclamation of 1763
said to halt westward expansion beyond appalachians so keep colonials closer to the coast for taxes and to keep them under tighter royal control
James Oglethorpe
leader of Georgia, good militarily, fought spaniards but colony fail, it was built as a social expiriment

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