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Study Of Structure
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Study Of Structure
Gross Anatomy
Study of Macroscopic Structures
Microscopic Anatomy
Study of Microscopic structures
Study of Cellular structures
Study of Tissues
Study of Body Functions
Study of Body Defense Mechanisms
Study of Drug actions in the body
Levels of Body Organization
chemical>Cellular>Tissue>Organ>Organ System>Total Organism
Integumentary System
Skin and various organs with it > protection
Skeletal System
Bones, skeleton > Structure and posture
Muscular System
Muscles > Movement
Nervous System
brain, spinal chord and nerves > sensing things, feeling, sending messages
Endocrine System
hormones, glands that secrete hormones > coordinates body activity
Cardiovascular System
heart, blood > used to transport blood and nutrients through out the body
Lymphatic System
lymph nodes, lymphoid organs> protects body from foreign materials
Digestive System
stomach, intestine > break down macro molecules into usable building blocks
Respiratory System
lungs > remove carbon dioxide and intake oxygen
Urinary System
bladder > removes various waste materials
Reproductive system
testes, ovaries > continuance of the species
Life Processes
Growth, Organization, Excretion Metabolism, Movement Digestive, Differentiation Reproduction, Respiration, Responsiveness
5 things needed to survive (Physical Factors)
Water, Oxygen, Nutrients, Heat, Pressure
refers to the constant internal enviroment that must be maintained at equalibrium for the cells to function
Negative Feedback
brings body back to homeostasis by performing opposite actions to stressor
stresses the body, takes it out of Homeostasis
Positive Feedback
stimulate or exagerate changes (ie Labor, creating a blood clot)
Anatomical Position
Face forward, palms up, toes forward
Superior and Inferior
Superior is above, Inferior Below
Anterior and Posterior
Front and Back
Medial and Lateral
Towards middle, towards side
Proximal and Distal
near point of attachment, further away from point of attachment
Superficial and Deep
shallow and deep
Visceral and Parietal
Around an organ, around a body cavity
Saggital Plane
Divides body into left and right sections
Transverse Plane
Divides Body into top and bottom half
Frontal Plane
divides body into interior and anterior position
2 Main Cavities
Dorsal and Ventral
Dorsal Cavity
cranial cavity and spinal Cavity
Ventral Cavity
thoracic and adominopelvic (abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity)


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