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information in DNA is transcribed in RNA synthesis; specifies cellular proteins
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information in DNA is transcribed in RNA synthesis; specifies cellular proteins
site of ribosomal RNA synthesis; ribosome subunit assembly
contain genes that govern structure and activity of cell
plasma membrane
encloses cellular contents; regulates movement of materials in and out of cell; helps maintain cell shape; communicates with other cells (also present in prokaryotes)
endoplasmic reticulum
synthesizes lipids and modifies many proteins; origin of intercellular transport vesicles that carry proteins
smooth ER
lipid biosynthesis; drug detoxification
rough ER
manufacture of many proteins destined for secretion or for incorporation into other membranes
synthesize polypeptides in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
golgi complex
modifies proteins; packages secreted proteins; sorts other proteins to vacuoles and other organelles
contain enzymes to break down indigested materials, secretions, wastes
store materials, wastes, water; maintain hydrostatic pressure
site of many diverse metabolic reactions
site of most reactions of cellular respiration; transformation of energy originating from glucose or lipids into ATP energy
site of photosynthesis; chlorophyll captures light energy; ATP and other energy-rich compounds are formed and then used to convert CO2 to glucose
provide structural support; have role in cell and organelle movement and cell division; components of cilia, flagella, centrioles, basal bodies
provide structural support; play role in cell and organelle movement and cell division
intermediate filaments
help strengthen cytoskeleton; stabilize cell shape
mitotic spindle forms between these structures during animal cell division; may anchor and organize microtubule formation in animal cells; absent in most plants
movement of some single-celled organisms; used to move materials on surface of some tissues
cellular locomotion by sperm cells and some unicellular eukaryotes

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