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the "old" Stone Age, during which humankind produced the first sculptures and painting
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the "old" Stone Age, during which humankind produced the first sculptures and painting
the "new" Stone Age
twisted perspective
a convention of representation in which a part of a figure is shown in profile and another part of the same figure is shown frontally; a composite view
free standing
figures carved or modeled in three dimensions
to cut into a surface with a sharp instrument; also, a method of decoration, especially on metal and pottery
figures in sculpture which project from a background of which they are part. The degree of relief is designated high, low (bas), or sunken. In the last, the artist cuts the design into the surface so that the highest projecting parts of the image are no higher than the image itself.
before Common Era
Common Era
view of an object or scene which consists of the outline and a featureless interior, with the object generally black in color
radiocarbon dating
method measuring the decay rate of carbon isotopes in organic matter to provide dates for organic materials like wood or fiber
picture depicting natural scenery, without narrative content
Greek for "great stone." A large, roughly hewn stone used in the construction of monumental prehistoric structures.
a column shaft that is all one piece; a large, single block of stone used in megalithic structures
a large upright standing stone
a circle of monoliths (i.e. Stonehenge)
stones found in England; remains of a cap of tertiary sandstone which once covered much of Southern England
post and lintel construction
a system of construction in which two posts support a lintel

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