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Military expedition carries out by european christuians in the middle ages in an attempt to regain the holy land from the Muslims
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Military expedition carries out by european christuians in the middle ages in an attempt to regain the holy land from the Muslims
total control by one group of person of a product of service
a new vessel developed by shipbuilders and adopted triangular sails to enable them to effectively sail against the wind
a compact instrumnet used to calculate position north or south of the equator
magnetic compass
a device developed to determine magnetic north
prince henry the navigator
prince of portugal, established navigation schools that helped to improve the compass and astrolabe
bartolomeu dias
1st european to sail around the cape of good horn at the southern tip of africa
christopher columbus
italian who sailed for spain
Treaty of tordesaillas
agreement b/w portugal and spain
ferdinand magellan
led aspanish fleet in the 1st attempted circumnavigation of the world
dutch east india company
company founded by the dutch to esetablish and direct trade
ming dynasty
a chinese dynasty that ruled from 1368 to 1644
payment by one country to another to acknowledge its submission
commamded a rebel army the drove the mongols out of china. became the 1st emperor of the ming dynasty
zheng he
chinese muslim the led voyagese of the exploration of china to southeast asia
a people native to manchuria who ruled china uring the qing dynasty
qing dynasty
china's last dynasty which ruled from 1644 to 1912
became qing emperor in 1661 and ruled for some 60 years
a policy of avoiding political, economic, and military involvement with other countries
conquered by the manchus and adopted china's technology culture and policy of isolation
a political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to their king
time in japanese history from 1467-1568 "warring states"
a japanese fuedal lord who commanded a private arm of samuri
oda nobunaga
general who began the unification of japan
toyotomi hideyoshi
military dictator if japan
tokogawa shogunate
a dynasty of shoguns who ruled a unified japan
a japanese form of poetry
a type of japanese drama

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