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exercise experience
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Personal factor that influences exercise adherence
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exercise experience
Personal factor that influences exercise adherence
750 calories
estimated number of calories that an individual will burn by taking an additional 15,000 steps per week
Educate the client that lapses are a part of training
strategy BEST prepares a new client for missing opportunities to exercise
approximately what percentage of the American population does not engage in any leisure-time activity
drop-out rate for those beginning an exercise program within six months.
percentage of Americans is engaged in the recommended level of physical activity
factors influencing exercise adherence
younger, more education, no smokers, white, not significantly overweight, convenience/cost/amount of time required for fitness program
leadership qualities of an exercise leader
appropriate expectations for clients; ID client's readiness to change/preference/ex history; work with client to select activities to meet objectives; set appropriate goals; offer choices
exercise prompts
entry in scheduler/cell phone/calendar; set out exercises clothes the night before
how to prepare a client for lapses
id potential breaks and plan for in advance; design shortened workout for busy times; encourage to exercise on their own

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