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Bing and Ding Lejeune
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Twins whose niece was poisoned by whites
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Bing and Ding Lejeune
Twins whose niece was poisoned by whites
Brother Silas the sharecropper beaten to death for winning in a plowing race
No-butt, black-fearing deputy that sticks to old ways of disrespect and prejudice
the deputy keeping Fix at his place until Mapes has things under control and gives Gil advice about the game
white cajun shot but survived during fight, weakest man that came for lynching
Called Aunt by Candy, the grandmother of Snookum, Toddy, and Minnie
Came that day because Boutans have "same blood" as white girl who said Gable's son raped her and those who put him in the electric chair
a narrator who had been fishing with his friend when told to go to Mathu's
a narrator who had been fishing with his friend when told to go to Mathu's
a black football player, the other half of "Salt and Pepper"
Dirty Red
family has an air of cowardice, which he changes in his actions. makes his own cigarettes
The man suspected of the murder of Beau Boutan, toughest black around and is respected and honored by blacks and Mapes
Sheriff of Bayonne, uses violence to interrogate old black men, listens to narratives without complaint, respects Mathu's manhood
White woman that's partial owner of plantation, raised by Miss Merle and Mathu and organizes events in story
Lou Dimes
Candy's boyfriend, unique masculinity represents changing times
Miss Merle
Owner of a local plantation, "fusses", deeply concerned about Candy
Beau Boutan
Cajun farmer shot in beginning of novel after chasing Charlie, role is largely symbolic
Fix Boutan
Father of Beau and Gil, feared for his violent behavior towards blacks, ways of revenge are outdated, though his presence causes fear throughout entire novel
Gil Boutan
Star football player, Salt half of Salt and Pepper, brave man who stands up against his violent father for justice and changing times
Works with Beau, cutting and hauling cane, character completely changes after it is discovered he shot Beau, now a man
Jack Marshall
A disinterested drunk who might feel guilty about owning slaves, partly owns plantation
Bea Marshall
Like her husband, she is usually drunk and cares little about people in quarters or her niece
classic role of "House Negro", demanding Snookum to refer to whites with Missus and Mister, clings to outdated ideas
Only male child described, his youth and freshness contrast to the old men around him, taught lessons of manhood while listening to their stories, represents the change in the future
Luke Will
Leads a lynch mob to the plantation, shot and killed by Charlie, a ruffian, troublemaker and coward
Picks many of the men up in his old pick up truck, stands up to Candy, one of the stronger old men
Johnny Paul
Lives on plantation, speaks of what can't be seen anymore and why, because of the changing times, and how more needs to change
Reverend Jameson
The one black character that refuses to go along with Candy's plan, often begs for the Lord to have mercy on the sinners
Called T.V. by fellow football players because of his addiction to television, drove Gil to the plantation and the Boutan house
Tee Jack
A prejudiced bartender concerned with pleasing his customers
Fought in WWI and wears his uniform in pride and defiance against the whites who told him to take it off
Billy Washington
Has a head bob and goes against the Bible in "murdering" Beau.
A Cajun that came to lynch Beau's murderer, narration shows he's very weak

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