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coarse adjustment knob
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moves body tube or stage up and down for focusing
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coarse adjustment knob
moves body tube or stage up and down for focusing
supports the microscope slide and viewing object
supports the body tube and is used to carry the microscope
contains the lens you look through
reflects light up through the diaphragm, stage, viewing object, and lenses
low-power objective
provides the least magnification; usually 10X
supports the microscope
stage clips
hold the microscope slide in place
high-power objective
provides the greatest magnification; usually 40x
controls the amount of light that enters the body tube
body tube
passageway for light and maintains the correct distance between the lenses
fine adjustment knob
moves slightly and is used to sharpen the image of the object you are viewing
revolving nosepiece
holds high and low power objectives; rotates to change magnification

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