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sixty percent
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People who attain higher levels of education increase their earning potential by nearly this percentage.
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sixty percent
People who attain higher levels of education increase their earning potential by nearly this percentage.
earning potential
People with education beyond high school are more employable and generally earn more money than those who have only a high school diploma
specialty schools
Some schools and learning institutions offer specific career paths. Most of this type of school concentrates on teaching one career or trade. A culinary school would be an example of this type of school.
business schools
These schools fall in between specialty and vocational schools. They offer courses geared toward corporate opportunities. They would offer education and training such as accounting, graphic design, and human resources.
university education
Many people choose this type of education because they want to continue beyond a bachelor's degree and obtain a master's or even a doctoral degree.
vocational institutions
This type of education is usually aimed toward a specific vocation that requires state or federal certifications of some type.
online E-learning
Many high schools offer this course work for students who want to work ahead and graduate early. Some universities offer this type of learning courses and several universities are solely of this type.
The goal of this procedure is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality.
Many of these are awarded by a wide variety of business and government programs for academic achievement and leadership skills. This could be a one-time deal or might be renewable until the student graduates.
(true of false) Students who have scholarships are usually required to maintain a specific number of hours and gradepoint average to continue qualificaton for the scholarship program.
work study programs
Programs of this type are often funded by the government and allow students to work at specific jobs in order to earn money towards school tuition.
Pell Grants
These are academic competitiveness grants the federal government offers based on financial need anr are usually awarded to undergraduates.
foundation grants
These grants may be offered through educational or corporate institutions. These are often semester payments that apply toward a tuition waiver or cash payments for tuition and books.
student loans
These loans are available from a variety of sources. Most financial institutions offer loans for education purposes; however, interest rates and pay-off terms can vary greatly.
Stafford loans
These loans are offered by the federal government and usually involve a six-month grace period after graduation before a student must begin repaying the loan.
professional organization grants
A student might check with the local chapters of business organizations such as women's business clubs, culinary organizations, or the local veteran's association to find out if grants are available.
minority, low-income, and first generation grants
Many corporate and government organizations offer scholarships and grant awards to people based on race, income, and first-generation college students.
first generation
This term refers to an individual who is the first in his or her family to attend college.
tax credits
When considering the cost of an educaton, be sure to investigate the federal tax credits offered to students. The federal government offers several types of tax deducttions for tuitions and fees as well as the interest paid on loans. What is this practice referred to as?
This cours is least likely to be offered in a speciallty school.
This type of education would probably cost the least among all the other types.
vocational school
This is the type of school one would attend if he intended to become a plumber.
This is the type of school one would attend if he wanted to expand or refine his knowledge in areas such as mathematics, the sciences, and literature.
This course of study would probably be offered in a business school.

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