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to misuse; to injure or damage through maltreatment; (n) a misuse; cruel treatment or words
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to misuse; to injure or damage through maltreatment; (n) a misuse; cruel treatment or words
intentionally threatening to touch a persons body without consent
to touch a persons body without consent
civil law
laws dealing with relationships between people
act that violates a law
criminal law
laws that concerns with offenses against the public or society
injurying a name or reputation by false statements
authorize another person to perform a task
knowledge of right conduct & wrong conduct
false imprisonment
unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's freedom of movement
saying or doing somethign to trick, fool, or deceive a person
invasion of privacy
making public or exposing a persons name, picture or private affairs w/o consent
job description
a list responsibilities & functions the agency expects you to perform
rule made by a governing body
making false statements in print or writing or through pictures and drawings
negligence by a professional person
failure to provide with the goods or services needed to avoid physical harm, mental anguish, or mental illness
unintentional wrong in which a person did not act in a reasonable and careful manner and caused harm to person or property
making false statements orally
Nursing Assistant registry
name, last know address, registration #, Exp date, DOB, last known employer, hire and leave date, date compency exam completed, information about findings of abuse & neglect
CNA rules
nurse supervises you, you assist them and report to them all observations of change. Nurse decides whats done, review with nurse before going to person. Perform only tasks and functions you are trained to do, that your state & job description allow to do, comfortable to do in the situation
CNA limits
NEVER: give meds, insert or remove objects or tubes, take oral orders from Drs, perform sterile technicques, tell family or a person a diagnosis or any plan, prescribe treatment or drugs, supervise other CNAs, ignore a request to do something beyond your limit (say no and explain why no)
Do a task when
state and job description allow, have necessary training, nurse is available to answer your questions & supervise
5 rights of delegation
Right task, right circumstances, right person, right direction & communication, right supervision
accepting a task
if you accept a task you are responsible for your own actions
refuse a task and explain why
beyond legal limits, not in job description, not prepared, could harm,condition has changed, do not know supplies/equipment, uncomprehensive descriptions, not safe
rules of conduct for nurses
respect each individual, perfrom only whats legal, be loyal to employer, protect persons rights, do no harm, accept no gifts
Unintentional torts
Negligence & malpractice
Intentional torts
defamation, libel, slander, assult, battery, false imprisonment
false statements verbally only
pull curtain,close door, knock, dont open mail, drawers, dont talk anything about person or treatment
Informed consent
a person has a right to decide wha will be done to them, Dr is responsible to obtain
intentional mistreatment or harm of another, injury, confinement, intimidation, punish, depriving.
abuse forms
physical, verbal, emotional
abuse signs
weight loss, inadequate living conditions, assistive devices, injuries, complains of pain or itching, bleeding, ulcers, withrawn, fear***l, anxious, aggitated, restrained, not allowed alone by caregiver to talk, meds not take, frquent to ER, frequent new Drs
OBRA and abuse
abuse must be prevented, reported, investigated, results in 5 days, order corrective actions
OBRA requires for nursing
license, compentency evaluation, 75hrs of training, 8 hours under a RN to renew in 2 yrs
trusting others with private information
spread rumors, talk about the private matters of others
trouble, torment, offend, worry a person by ones behavior or comments
do most import things in order
team work
staff work together as a group, each do his part to provide safe, effective care and help each other
Work ethics
caring, dependable, consider, empathetic, cheerful, trustworthy, respectful, courteous, conscientious, honest, cooperative, enthusiastic, self-aware
emotional abuse
threatening to punish a person
if you are ill follow the agencys attendence policy

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