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a priori
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gotten from what is known
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a priori
gotten from what is known
ab initio
from the beginning
ad astra per aspera
to the stars through difficulties
ad hoc
for this purpose
ad hominem
arguing personally instead of logically
ad infinitum
ad nauseum
agnus Dei
lamb of God
alea jacta est
The die is cast. (no turning back)
amor omnia vincit
Love conquers all.
before the war
ante meridien
a.m., morning
ars gratia artis
art for the sake of art
ars longa vita brevis
Art is long; life is short.
ars poeticc
the art of poetry
carpe diem
Seize the day.
caveat emptor
Buyer beware.
cogito ergo sum
I think; therefore I am.
compos mentis
of sound mind
cum grano salis
with a grain of salt; take lightly
de facto
in reality
de profunis
from the depths of despair
Dei gratia
by the grace of God
Deo volente
God willing
deus ex machina
divine intervention
dramatis personae
cast of a drama
ecce homo
Behold the man.
emeritus, emerita
having served with honor; title for retired person
e pluribus unum
one out of many
errare humanum est
To err is human.
errors, mistakes
et. al, et alia
and others
etc., et cetera
and so on
et tu, Brute?
And you, too, Brutus?
ex cathedra
with authority
ex libris
from the library of
ex nihilo nihil fit
From nothing comes nothing.
ex post facto
coming from what was done before
ex tempore
without preparation, spontaneous
hic jacet
here lies (on tombstones)
ibid., ibidem
from something just mentioned
i.e., id est
that is
It may be printed (general approval)
in absentia
in one's absence
in flagrante delicto
while the crime or act is in progress
in loco parentis
in the place of a parent
in medias res
in the middle of things
in memoriam
in memory of
in situ
in its original or natural position
in toto
in utero
in the womb
in vitro
in glass, in a test tube
ipso facto
by or based on the fact itself
the well educated
mea culpa
my fault
mirabile dictu
wonderful to talk about
m.o., modus operandi
method of operating
ne plus ultra
highest level, nothing more perfect
noli me tangere
Touch me not.
nolo contendere
I do not wish to argue (or protest).
non compos mentis
not of sound mind
non sequitor
It does not follow. (not logical)
n.b., nota bene
note well, pay attention
op. cit., opere citato
from the work already cited
per diem, per annum
daily, yearly
persona non gratia
unwelcome person
post mortem
after death
pro bono
for free
pro bono publico
for the public good
quid pro quo
this for that
q.e.d., quod erat demonstratum
Thus it has been shown.
quo vadis
Where are you going?
quod vide
referring to something
minimum attendance at a meeting
rara avis
rare bird, something unusual
R.I.P., requiescat in pace
Rest in peace.
rigor mortis
stiffness of death
semper fidelis
always faithful
sic transit gloria mundi
Thus passes the fame of the world.
sine die
until and unspecified date
sine qua non
essential thing or condition
sub rosa
terra firma
solid ground, dry land
terra incognita
unfamiliar land or territory
veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered.
vox populi
voice of the people
non erotic love (Gr)
secret, hidden things (Gr)
lack of control or order (Gr)
cleansing (Gr)
ability to inspire and lead (Gr)
orderly universe (Gr)
I have found it! (Gr)
calm, peaceful (Gr)
hoi polloi
common people (Gr)
excessive pride (Gr)
fame, glory (Gr)
rational principle governing all (Gr)
cessation of movement (Gr)

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